Microsoft integrates Dropbox- now add, edit and save file with Office online

May 3, 2015, 9:17 am

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Software giant Microsoft last week launched Office Online integration with Dropbox. The partnership between two companies announced last year to work closely to better offer Office Online users connect their Dropbox account and save files while on the go.

Office is already available to Android and iOS users and now it is available in web version of Office Online. With this new feature you can connect your Dropbox account with Office Online and browse files, edit and save directly to Dropbox with same interface.

Microsoft DropBox Integtation_Word

Users can also access their Office files from Dropbox in web browser. Viewing these files are very easy- you just have to hit open button while you’re previewing a Word, PowerPoint or Excel on the web, and you can edit the file right from your browser using Office Online without going another tab.

Microsoft DropBox Integtation_Picture

This is a two-way integration- whether you create file in Office Online or from Dropbox it’s simply saved in your account without losing your data.

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