Facebook introduces anonymous login better privacy controls

May 4, 2015, 9:31 am

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Social Media giant Facebook announced to launch Anonymous Login at f8, the company’s Annual Developer Conference held at San Francisco, California. The company announced in a blog post to add new feature for its users for better privacy controls.

Facebook Anonymous Login

With this new feature Facebook users those are worried about sharing information with third-party apps and want more choice and control over what personal information to share, will get more power to control their privacy. The features empowers users to customize their preference- they can choose to share information and what information that can be managed within the apps’ dashboard.

Facebook Anonymous Login

Facebook allow its users to log into other apps using their personal account without remembering username and password. This creates a big concern among the users about their personal information shared with other apps. Through Anonymous Login people need not to share personal information such as name, email, birthday etc. or remember username and password and can decide later whether to share any information with that particular app.

Currently, Facebook is testing Anonymous Login with selected developers and plans to launch to more developers in the coming months. Last year people logged into different apps with Facebook login over 10 billion times without creating separate username and password for each account.

With Redesigned App Control Panel user will get full control to manage their full list of apps in a single dashboard. In newly designed dashboard people can see which apps they are using, manage specific permissions, or remove apps entirely. Now users have to wait for some more time to get their new dashboard as it is going to roll out in coming weeks.

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