Facebook introduces Internet.org to developers in response to Net Neutrality

May 4, 2015, 5:25 am

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Facebook today introduced Internet.org its open platform to serve people with free internet for developers. In a blog post the company said developers and entrepreneurs can create services and integrate with Internet.org to serve people around the world with best possible benefits.

Launched in August 2013 aiming to provide internet access to 5 billion people in the world Internet.org partnered with mobile operators to offer free basic internet services to people who are yet not connected. As Facebook approaches worldwide developers to need to pay for participation and operators also won’t charge developers for the data people use for their services.

At the core of our efforts with Internet.org are non-exclusive partnerships with mobile operators to offer free basic internet services to people through Internet.org. This is a set of basic websites and services to introduce people to the value of the internet, and that we hope to add value to their lives. – Facebook

Announcing the Internet.org Platform from Facebook on Vimeo.

People can access a set of websites collaborated with Internet.org without paying anything to the operators in an economically sustainable way. Developers who will join Facebook’s mission to bring two-thirds of the world’s population under internet coverage need to follow some guidelines briefed by the company. Users will also have better control over the services they use and can browse their preferable services which meet Facebook guidelines.

80% of the world population live within the perimeter of the internet- but most of them are not online because they are not a well aware value of the internet and what it could bring to them. Developers who aim to join the mission should have a broader view of how the internet can bring change in the society in an affordable way.

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