Microsoft releases Office 2016 Public Preview

Office 2016 Public Preview Power Point

Microsoft has released Office 2016 Preview for Office users to take feedback from a broader audience. The company in blog post announced that Preview version of Office 2016 will be available to the general Office 365 users globally from today.

From last 12 month the software to mobile business to cloud computing company has transformed Office from desktop application to cross-platform and cross-application solution. Though company has enabled Office solution for Android, iPads, Mac and iPhone Users Company’s Office Windows for desktop is their main business strategy states the blog. First preview was launched in March from that time Microsoft has given some clue about the next version of the application- which is now updated with extra features.

The new updated version comes up with modern workplace, with smart tools for individuals, teams, and businesses in Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook which is now available for download. Once users create Office file they can save it to their connected cloud account- enabling them to access files from any device and anywhere. Microsoft also announced to add co-authoring feature in the new Office app where teams working on same document can add, edit in Office online and see what other have edited in real-time.

A new search featured tool Tell Me, has added in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With this tool users on all these three platforms can search what they want to do and the tool will help them to stay on task and get more out of Office.

As we are burdened with numbers of emails, a new Exchange feature called Clutter added in Office 2016 will prioritise emails and will display important messages first and send less important messages to Clutter folder. Sender those want to send files as an attachment can directly insert from OneDrive without leaving Outlook page.

The new version of Excel has also new data analysis capability so you can pull, map, analyze and visualize their data faster and easier than ever. Users can forecast trends with one-click forecasting. The new version is more capable of analysing more data in a single sheet- user will have the ability to calculate 100s of millions of rows of data, perform deeper analysis with high speed.

Microsoft releases Office 2016 Public Preview