Google to announce one-touch log-in in Android M Next Week

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Fingerprint

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Remembering password for each app in Android phone is going to be history. Google is planning to launch Android M, its next version of Android app which will require fingerprint authentication according to a BuzzFeed report. Android users with this new feature can log into their preferable app without entering password.

The report states that the search giant is expected to announce the new feature next week at its annual keynote developer conference Google I/O that will be held in San Francisco from May 28 to 29. In today’s technological world mobile users look for more user-friendly easy-to-use device which provides more security with less complexity. An average smartphone user uses 25 apps in his/her mobile but faces difficulty while remembering password for every app.

According to report though Google plans to roll-out the new feature next week, iOS users are already accustomed to fingerprint authentication and are convenient with TouchID instead of using password.

Samsung Finerprint
Fingerprint authentication can also be used for mobile payment as Apple has already implemented with their ApplePay service which is considered to be the game changer in online money transaction industry.

Source: BuzzFeed

Google to announce one-touch log-in in Android M Next Week