Google I/O 2015 Live: introduces Google Photos with unlimited storage

Google Photos Multiple Device

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At I/O conference yesterday Google introduced Google Photos a standalone platform to save unlimited photos and videos of your memorable life events. The new feature let users organize all their photos by people, places, things that matter to them without giving the effort to create album or tagging or label to each photo.

People around the world capture millions of pictures every moment which matter to them and will take another trillion this year alone.

As more and pictures are clicked every day it becomes a challenging task for the users to secure their memories in an organized way as those pictures are scattered on different devices. With Google Photos users can save unlimited photos in their device at the same time photos and videos are backed up and synced to their cloud device without the fear of losing their memories and can access those from anywhere with any device.

Google Photos Android Phone
In a blog post Google admitted that it would provide its users unlimited storage that can backup and store high-quality photos and videos, for free without compromising original resolution of the photos. The newly updated app maintains original resolution up to 16MP for photos, and 1080p high-definition for videos and store compressed versions of the photos and videos in beautiful, print-quality resolution.

The app can also enhance the quality of the photos. With a single tap, one can adjust the color scheme, light or brightness of the photos. Those who want to share photos with their friends through WhatsApp, Twitter, Hangouts or other social media can do the same with a single tap. The users are also empowered with sharing hundreds of photos at once without downloading and re-uploading across a number of different services.

Previously users used to face several problems while storing, editing or sharing photos. With this new launch, users will have a smooth experience of storing and sharing their memories with their friends and acquaintances with more options.

Source: Google Blog

Google I/O 2015 Live: introduces Google Photos with unlimited storage