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Skype Web beta released in US and UK, global roll out in next few weeks

Jun 6, 2015, 9:19 pm

Downloading Skype app for your computer is gone. Skype releases Web version for the existing and new users in US and UK. In a blog post the software giant announced that everyone can use Skype with their personal login id and password in the web browser without installing the app into their PCs.

With this newly launched service users can make video calls, audio calls and talk to their friends or group of friends in real-time with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. They can make the call from the system which even has not pre-installed Skype app using web Skype.

To make a call just go to or and joinor sign in with your Skype ID and password. At this moment the new features has launched for US and UK users only- the company sates it will be rolled out in next couple of weeks for the worldwide users.

Skype has added some new features to make conversations more meaningful and real-time for the users. Existing users need not to import contacts from the apps- contacts and conversations will automatically be added in few seconds after you sign in to your web account.

Skype web notification

You might be away from your desktop or laptop- no worries you’ll never miss a moment. Just enable web notifications on Skype for Web and you will receive notifications of incoming instant messages, audio or video calls as pop-up message on your device, even if you’re using another app or viewing others websites using another browser.

Skype has improved searching your friends and groups in contact lists. In the new Web Skype version you’ll find a timeline view – a single, searchable list instead of two separate list for contacts and recent conversations that makes it easier to start new conversations and find existing ones.

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