Google to launch lighter web pages for Android users in India

Google Light Mobile Browsing

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Google today announced to launch a new feature to Android devices that will increase faster browsing speed in slow connection in India. The search giant in a blog post announced that 2G users in the country have annoying experience of mobile internet browsing while they look for information.

In April the company started field testing in Indonesia to provide streamlined search results and optimized pages for the users who have 2G connections. The news feature will be available in India in next two weeks for 200 million Indian users who access internet from their smartphones.

The move came after Facebook launched Facebook Lite last week for the users of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia where internet connection comparatively slow. This new feature from Google will consume 80% lees data while new light pages will increase four times faster browsing speed than before.

Google is now favouring mobile friendly websites in their search results. In a faster world internet user prefers faster browsing speed to get information- be it getting information of cricket score, or finding train numbers or looking for phone number of favourite restaurants. With faster internet access users will visit more sites which will increase 50% more traffic to websites.

Source: Google

Google to launch lighter web pages for Android users in India