Twitter has introduced a new way to follow your conversation. In every minute million of tweets, retweets and replies are done making very difficult for the user to track the conversation.

In a blog post, the micro-blogging site announced that it will group related conversations together and will highlight some of the most interesting conversations below related to a particular tweet.

Twitter has clarified if your tweet gets more retweets and replies you will see them connected by a line and will filter specific tweet based on the original account has replied to the given tweet. If you want to see more of the replies to a specific Tweet within a conversation you can click “View other replies”.

In the blog post-Twitter further states “We will continually be iterating and improving on this experience to make it easier to understand and participate in conversations on Twitter as well as to find the best, most relevant content we have to offer”. Unlike previous changes, this update will make conversation easier for its users to be part in a real-time conversation.

Web users have already noticed the changes from Monday that will be rolled out for mobile users in the near future- though the company has not confirmed the specific time and date.