Uber announced to launch UberDRIVE, a mobile game to improve driver navigation skills

UberDrive Launch

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Uber sometime snatches limelight for coming up with innovation ideas be it offering delicious food or celebrating special occasion for its riders but this time it’s different- launching gaming app called UberDRIVE. The app-driven can rental company has announced to launch UberDRIVE to showcase “a day in the life of an Uber driver-partner.”
In a blog post the company states that “UberDRIVE was designed as a fun and engaging resource for our driver-partners to hone their navigation skills if they choose to. It’s also a great way for prospective drivers to experience firsthand what it’s like to drive with Uber –– there are links to sign up and start the screening process from directly within the game.”
The post further explains how the riders will be able to hone their navigation skills in a creative way while having fun. “Throughout the game play experience, we’ve integrated educational elements to help enhance city knowledge. There are fun facts for the most important landmarks in the city and a simple trivia mode where riders quiz players to point out certain destinations on the map.”

UberDrive Launch Screen
Uber is one on the fastest growing travel companies in the world. This is an interesting development of the company to improve its workforce that no other company has taken before. Though the game with content is available in San Francisco only to be rolled out nationally in the coming days and can be downloaded from Apple Store here.

News Source: Uber Blog

Image Credit: Uber Blog

Uber announced to launch UberDRIVE, a mobile game to improve driver navigation skills