Google improves Calendar for iPhone: Attach Drive files, 7 Day week View and more

Jun 24, 2015, 1:07 am

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Calendar for iPhone now has improved functionality. You can attach your Google Drive files to Google calendar for iPhone- thanks Google’s recent update in its Calendar app. In a blog post Stella Schieffer, Product Manager at Google announced this improvement to be available from yesterday for the iPhone users worldwide.
If you like save your future events into your calendar, 7-day week view feature is perfect for you. With this new feature users can see more events at a glance and can define number of weeks on their iPhone.
This move comes from the tech giant after it has rolled out similar feature for Android users in March. The new feature also enables you to add Google Drive files like Docs and Sheets or pictures and PDFs, directly to events on your iPhone. Just like Calendar for Android, Drive will ask your permission whether you’d like to share these files with others.
Google-calender1With Google calendar you can get event notification by email, messages or pop-up messages- for some users it may not be enough for them.  With the new update you can send reminder email to other attendees including event location which includes map with a single tap.

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