Facebook is changed its logo and you probably didn’t even notice

Facebook Logo

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Facebook changed its logo yesterday after a long time since it first change was done in 2005. The social network site refreshed its logo so quietly that you even probably did not get chance to notice it.
In Twitter postFacebook product designer Chris Tauziet announced the logo change with a picture of the new logo printed on and on a rolled up t-shirt—that shows the logo slightly different from previous one.
Say hello to the new Facebook logo pic.twitter.com/ofoFm4JQmK

— Christophe Tauziet (@ChrisTauziet) June 30, 2015

The company has refreshed the logo for full brand name for identifying its brand but the actual Facebook ‘F’ logo will be the same. The most noticeable difference you will find in the letter “a” which is much cleaner, crisper, and a little less dated.
Facebook Logo Old
Josh Higgins, Facebook’s Creative Director told Brand New that the company “set out to modernize the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable” and settled on an update instead of a full redesign.


News Source: Chris Tauziet Tweet

Image Credit: Brand New

Facebook is changed its logo and you probably didn’t even notice