Skype release two major updates: simplified login and preview web links in chat

Skype New Mobile App

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Skype has added two major features in its latest update of Skype 5.5 for Android users. Besides, improved battery use and notifications the updated app will remember login details of the users so that they don’t need to put password every time they visit the app.

Skype in a
blog post said the update released yesterday to be available for worldwide Android users and they can update directly from Google Play store. Users just tapping the arrow sign can let Skype to remember the password and you are in to send IMs and make calls.
However, those users who are not comfortable of saving your password in the app just tap on the menu icon and go to > “Settings” and look for the relevant option under the Privacy section- here you can customise your preferred option.

Skype is also adding web link preview feature and that to be rolled out in the next few weeks. It will help to see visual preview of the content displayed automatically, making it much easier to see what’s been shared.
Skype now lets users to share their feedback within the app. On selecting “Feedback” under the Support section on the menu icon users they can share their experience to Skype directly from their app.
News Source: Skype Blog
Image Credit: Skype Blog

Skype release two major updates: simplified login and preview web links in chat