Facebook’s Oculus acquire Pebbles Interfaces: Confirms the company

Jul 17, 2015, 10:49 am

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Facebook owned Oculus, the Virtual Reality (VR) game maker yesterday confirmed of acquiring Pebbles Interfaces- the Israel based depth sensing technology and computer vision start-up. Having one the leading teams in depth sensing technology, Pebbles Interfaces will help the Oculus team to improve advance virtual reality, tracking and human-computer interactions.
Over the last five years the Pebbles Interfaces is involved developing technology the way humans communicate in virtual world. The system uses custom optics and algorithms that can detect and track hand movement – unlocking the human interactions in VR.

Citing in a blog post Nadav Grossinger, CTO of Pebbles Interfaces says, “At Pebbles Interfaces, we’ve been focused on pushing the limits of digital sensing technology to accelerate the future of human-computer interaction. Through micro-optics and computer vision, we hope to improve the information that can be extracted from optical sensors, which will help take virtual reality to the next level. We’ve always believed visual computing will be the next major platform in our lifetime, and we’re excited to join the Oculus team to achieve that vision for the future.”

Last month Oculus announced consumer virtual reality headset is set to go on sale in the first quarter of 2016 and it is expected that more usable VR applications will be launched next time

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