Google acquires prototyping startup Pixate at an undisclosed amount

Jul 22, 2015, 1:02 am

Sneha K.

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Prototyping startup Pixate announced to join Google’s design team. Following the acquisition Pixate will part of Google- focusing to create tools that helps designers to showcase their ideas.

In a blog post

Our small team at Pixate has some really big ideas, and with the help of Google we’ll be able to bring those ideas to the design community at scale. We’ve become an essential part of the workflow for tens of thousands of designers, and are excited about expanding our mission at Google to reach millions of product teams worldwide.”-said, Paul Colton, Pixate CEO.

Started in 2012, Pixate’s team makes easy-to-use designing and prototyping mobile applications for the designers all around the world. Currently Pixate has diversified customer base that constantly use Pixate applications ‘to bring their app ideas to life’.

Neither Google nor Pixate disclosed terms and pricing details of the deal but Pixate announced that users will get free access to use Pixate Studio and reduced the cost of the Pixate cloud service.

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