WhatsApp releases latest version for Android with major bug fixes and more

Aug 22, 2015, 3:49 pm

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WhatsApp, the largest messaging service provider in the world has released its latest version of app with major bug fixes and issues. After WhatsApp launched its voice calling feature in April the company received a lot of feedback from users that the app consumes an increased amount of data, weak voice call, call interruptions and many more.
The latest 2.12.244 version of WhatsApp app is released for Android users with major bug fixation and improved voice quality and that consumes low data on voice calling.
The new version which WhatsApp released on August 21 for beta testing is not available for download on Google Play Store. But you can still install on your Android smartphone with the following steps.


Before you start installing the new WhatsApp version you need to go to whatapp.com/android and tap on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button. The new version of WhatsApp APK will save on your device.
WhatsApp Android Install


Once the APK version is downloaded go the Setting option of your smartphone. Enable “Unknown Sources” by at Settings->Applications or Settings Security (it may depends on Android OS version).

Step 3

Now in File Manager application on your Android device find the WhatsApp 2.12.244 APK file that you’ve downloaded.

Step 4

In this step you have to tap on the WhatsApp 2.12.244 APK file to start the installation process. Once the new version of the app is installed just use your mobile phone to verify your number.

And that’s it. You are now ready to use your latest WhatsApp application to make better voice calls to your friends and family members.

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