Kickstarter Launches PRIME Apple Watch Strap that Doubles Battery Power

Dec 19, 2015, 2:07 pm

Chaitali T.

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If you are using Apple Watch and facing problem with battery power, then here is a good news for you. A new Apple Watch band called the PRIME Strap by Kickstarter, aims to keep the smart watch charged at all the times. The PRIME Strap will be available by July 2016 with a black Strap, two batteries, a bank, a charging cable, a desktop PRIME charger, a PRIME tool kit and the user manual.

Prime strap doubles battery power, brings uninterrupted usage and longevity and embeds reserved batteries in the strap to keep the watch fully charged all the time.

PRIME comes in two colors with different materials, and two sizes to accommodate both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch. The band will fit wrist size varying from 14cm to 22cm.

Apple Watch Band

On the design part the strap comes with a metal watchband that has top quality stainless steel that has 185mm length, 24mm width and weighs only, Weight 110gm. Having replaceable refined adapters lock onto the apple watch interface precisely and tightly. The packaging is of stainless steel band, adapters and link removing tool.


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The device is beautifully designed with simple battery changing procedure. Once your power runs out you will receive the power alert signals red and with a single tap you can speedily change a battery for additional 9-hour usage.

Each PRIME Strap will include two batteries of 150 milliamp-hour batteries and you can recharge an Apple Watch roughly up to 1.3 times (Apple watch has a 205 mAh) battery.  An indicator above and below the Apple Watch shows each battery’s status. The batteries themselves can also be placed into a round mobile power bank.

PRIME offers more power, double capacity; extend longevity, effortless manual work, wearable portable power bank, and interchangeable batteries.

Source: Kick Starter

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