Google has open-sourced EarlGrey a functional UI testing framework for iOS

EarlGrey for iOS

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Here is a good news for the developers – Google has announced that it has open-sourced EarlGrey, functional UI testing framework for iOS. Developers can use this platform more easily to build and run user interface tests on source code for iOS apps. The framework helps users to write clear and concise tests, has been used in developing software for Apple’s mobile platform like YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Photos, Google Translate, Google Play Music and many more.

A blog posted in Google Developers Blog EarlGrey – iOS Functional UI Testing Framework by Siddartha Janga from Google iOS Developers team detailed about the development. Here are several key features of EarlGrey:

Built-in Synchronization: EarlGrey has in-built synchronization that lets developers to synchronize the UI, network requests, and various queues at the same time they can also manually add the customized times to increase stability of the testing.

Design: All components related to element selection, synchronization, and assertion is extensible.

Visibility: Interactions will take place on elements that users can see, and fail for those that are hidden.

This is not the first time Google is open sourcing its code – the search engine giant in 2012 open-sourced J2ObjC, a tool that helped to translate Java codes for Android. EarlGrey is available now on GitHub under an open-source Apache license. You can check out the entire documentation of here.

News Source: Google Developers Blog

Feature Image: Olle Eriksson

Google has open-sourced EarlGrey a functional UI testing framework for iOS