Facebook announces date of annual developer conference F8

Mar 1, 2016, 3:40 pm

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Facebook has just announced its annual developer conference F8, to be held on April 12th and 13th in San Francisco, California. Every year in the event, the social networking giant launches new products and features, announces new integrations and organize multiple networking sessions for the worldwide developers.

Last year Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook hinted of adding “dislike” button in News Feed – which the company launched last week after Mobile World Congress. This year we also expect to hear some new announcement as the company is planning provide free internet access through its Internet.org as well as expanding its footprint in virtual reality through Oculus.

The company in its official website says, “This year’s event features more than 40 sessions along with product announcements, interactive demos and the opportunity to get one-on-one help from the Facebook team.”

Developer Conference Registration

Facebook has already started taking registrations for the event. If you are a developer and want to attend the conference you can apply here to get the registration code.

If you can’t make your way to F8 conference, don’t worry. You can register for the event to watch it live here.

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