Review: Unboxing Xiaomi Mi5, Comparison With iPhone 6s

Review Overview

It has been a long time since the launch of Xiaomi Mi4 in 2015, but the newly launched Xiaomi Mi5 is more likely to resume the style of Xiaomi Note. No matter it has the 3D glass back cover or the camera flashlight positions, all information tells it is a minimized size of Xiaomi Note. Let us check the video review to find out the detail answers of Xiaomi Mi5.

Xiaomi Mi5 appearance

While after 1-year preparation, Mi5 does better in the metal frame and glass transition – there are no thorns when you feel it. At the same time, because the whole phone size is smaller, there is not hand thorns when you are holding the device. Plus, Xiaomi Mi5 weighs only 129g, lighter than other smartphones of same size available in the market.

Xiaomi Mi5 weighs only 129g, lighter than other smartphones of same size

When I saw the front part of Xiaomi Mi5, I was wondering is it Xiaomi Mi5? I did not see wrong? Isn’t it Letv phones? On Mi5 release conference, Xiaomi announced not to speak more about Letv and reluctantly offer a frameless phone. But in this white version of Xiaomi Mi5 with a black frame so obvious, I did not see any beauty on it.

MI 5 Unboxed

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If you want me to buy Xiaomi Mi5, no matter what you will choose, I will choose black Xiaomi Mi5 only. On the top of the Xiaomi Mi5 screen, it is light distance sensor, sound receiver, and one 4MP front camera. On the bottom of the screen, it is the emphasized part of Xiaomi Mi5, front pressing fingerprint recognition button, which is similar to Samsung with both fingerprint recognition and Home button. While beside the physical Home button, there are two backlight buttons for handling multiple tasks and returning functions.

Besides, Xiaomi added another function of gently clicking on home button you can get back to the Home display of the device. Just pressing the Home button gently brings you the button settings and functions. The fingerprint recognition speed much faster than the iPhone 6s – iPhone 6s take a little longer time to unlock the screen.

MI 5 Bottom

When I talk about the sidebar, on the right side of the smartphone, there is the volume button and power button and the left side housed with a dual nano sim card trays – one supports LTE network, the other one supports WCDMA network. On the other hand, the top of Xiaomi Mi5 has a 3.5mm earphone plug and infrared hole, and on the bottom of Xiaomi Mi5, it is a speaker and Type-C USB connector.

Xiaomi Mi5 specifications

On the hardware part, Xiaomi Mi5 adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad cores CPU and GPU processor. The phone packs with Adreno 530 and 3G/4G LPDDR4 RAM and comes with 32G/64G/128G storage capacity. The 5.15-inches device supports1080 X 1920 pixels and has a 4MP front camera and 16MP rear camera with four-axis anti-shaking functions. Xiaomi Mi5 powered by 3000mah battery supporting Snapdragon Quickcharge 3.0 and all wide network frequencies of LTE support HD video calling.

MI 5 Call

Xiaomi Mi5 prices

Xiaomi Mi5 comes with three storage options. Here is the pricing of the three variations of the smart device – 3G+32GB priced at $312, 3G+64GB comes at $359 and the 4G enabled 128GB with ceramic back cover is available at $421.  Here is one thing to witness: Xiaomi Mi5 with 3G+32G version comes with lower specifications than the other two versions.

MI 5 Price

Xiaomi Mi5 camera compares with iPhone 6s

Then what about the amazing primary camera which supports four axis anti-shaking?  In the speed of phase focusing, Xiaomi Mi5 and iPhone 6s really have very small difference and even for focusing on items at a far distance, Xiaomi Mi5 is even faster.

You can check the camera quality of the two devices of your own as I did – here are two photos one is taken from iPhone 6s while the other one through Xiaomi Mi5 – you can decide which one is better. The photos are taken in one sophisticated indoor environments, and I hope you have got the right answer? It is not hard to find that iPhone 6s more eye-catching and emphasize more on the yellow part, and the photos are more lively. On the ceiling parts, Xiaomi Mi5 has more noise dots and on the floor parts, iPhone 6 photos with some blurry dots like an oil painting.

MI 5 Camera

Generally speaking, I personally like the iPhone 6s style more than Xiaomi Mi5. On this photo in the anti-light environment, the sky details are all reserved well, and in dark light part, iPhone 6s is more excellent. But in details, Xiaomi Mi5 reserves more reality of yellow leaves when sunshine spotted on them. These two smartphones all behave well.

In, generally speaking, Xiaomi Mi5 photo quality is deserving compliments because the phase focusing of the phone is very fast. In anti-light angle, the motor details can be reserved, and it is really not an easy job. Xiaomi Mi5 photo quality can be compared with iPhone now. While for white balance and for different calculation methods, some photos have a little green, the judgment of Xiaomi Mi5 is a little weaker than iPhone 6s, which makes the photos feel a little darker in general.

Which version of Xiaomi Mi5 is best to choose?

Generally speaking, the top hardware, the amazing hand feelings, excellent Home button hand feeling, and fast fingerprint recognition speed, plus fast phase focusing and outstanding photo quality, my compliments towards Xiaomi Mi5 are increased by large within hours after the launch conference to get a sample in hand.

Sure the defects are obvious; at least I did not like the black screen frame. Plus, the CPU of Xiaomi Mi5 3G+32G frequency is a lower value than other two versions, if you really like Xiaomi Mi5 and same mind the black frame as I do, then I suggest to purchase black Xiaomi Mi5 with 3G+64G version.

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