Apple Music gets a new widget on Android

Mar 27, 2016, 4:19 am

Pranjali D.

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Slowly but steadily Apple is acknowledging vast strength of Android users. The company has introduced a new widget in Apple Music App on Android platform. Apple’s new update on Android app comes with a new widget on the Home screen that lets users to add music, control playback, skip current track, like the music and going back to the last track without even having to launch the app.

Moreover, the update comes with handful of new features – without tuning in you can see what’s playing on Beats 1 directly from the Radio tab or you can switch to the album through the current track in Now Playing and view most popular music in Apple music catalogue. Apple is also letting users to redeem iTunes gift cards from the settings menu to renew subscriptions.

Apple MusicMore than one-third of the smartphones in the are powered by Android operating system and Apple is taking advantage of Android strengths. Apple has more than 30 million songs in the Apple Music library and new subscribers get a three-month free trial – that means a little bit of iOS experience on Android devices.

You can avail the new update from Google Play store to get the new features and redeem gift cards.

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