Google makes easier file sharing in Drive on the web

Mar 30, 2016, 6:54 am

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To make your Google Drive file sharing easier Google has added a new “Turn On” feature – now you can turn on file sharing option by tapping a button in Drive on the web. With the updated feature you can share a file with your collaborators, just select a file and on the top right-hand side menu click on the “Get sharable link” icon. Once you click on the sharing link it will be automatically copied to the clipboard so that you can easily give access of the file to anyone in your domain who receives the link.

Google Drive lets users to share files with other members through a shareable link. The access control also helps users to allow permissions for “Edit”, “View” and “Comment” to their collaborators.

Google Drive Share

Google’s shareable access in the drive is an important feature – you can share files with multiple users by simply putting their email address on the Share button at top right of your screen. Google has launched Rapid release this week, with Scheduled release coming in two weeks and the new feature has been rolled out for the worldwide users.

Source: Google App Updates

Feature Image: Google App Updates

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