Android Gmail app supports for Microsoft Exchange accounts

Apr 26, 2016, 4:26 am

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Google has added a new feature in Android Gmail app – now users can access Microsoft Exchange accounts from their email app. The update is rolling out from today and will be visible to all end users in coming three days.

Gmail has the largest user base with 900 million worldwide users and 75% use mobile apps to access their emails. For last two years, Google has supported third-party email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail in its Android mobile app but Microsoft Exchange is latest addition for the users who has multiple accounts both on Gmail and Microsoft.

With this update Android Gmail App becomes a standalone platform for the users and you can access all your emails in one place. To add your Microsoft Exchange account in your Gmail app simply go to “Add Account” section and select “Exchange”, here by giving your Exchange Account credentials you can access your email from Gmail Android App. The update is already live in Google Play Store and to use the new feature just update your Gmail App.

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