Elon Musk’s dream for colonizing Mars has moved one step further. SpaceX, the company working on this project announced the target date for the first visit. On official Twitter handle the company announced it would be sending Dragon spacecraft early in 2018 to understand the overall architecture of Mars.

From the last couple of years, SpaceX is working on Mars Mission to gather more data for the successful launch which will take about six months. According to some reports the Dragon spacecraft will be carried by a yet-to-be unveiled rocket that can be roughly described as three of its Falcon 9 rockets strapped together. Before the unmanned spacecraft touches the Red Planet a successful landing of Dragon is very necessary which the company recently tested at McGregor, TX facility.

While cargo intends to fly on the Falcon Heavy the company is also making spacecraft to carry astronauts in the future. Musk tweeted that Dragon 2 rocket is designed to land anywhere in the solar system, and it would be perfect for the Red Dragon Mars mission.