Google ending support for old versions of Google Drive for PC and Mac

Google Drive

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Google is upgrading Google Drive for PC and Mac users – from July 1, 2016 they will no longer support sync client versions 1.22 and older than 1 year for Mac/PC.

Google lets users to sync their important files and documents upto 15 GB for free on the web through Drive for Mac and PC making them available anywhere, at any time, on any device. Google on their Google Apps Updated blog states that the newer version of the Drive comes with enhanced features and security updates to store your files safe on the cloud.

If you manage your users’ installations, upgrade by following the instructions in the “Install Google Drive for Mac/PC” Google Apps Administrator Help Center article.

If users have installed the client on their own, direct them to the “Install Google Drive for your Mac/PC” Drive Help Center article for end-users.

Google Drive

Here is your complete guide to upgrade your current version on your PC or Mac. If you are already using Google Drive on your Mac or PC check what version of the client sync you are using, by clicking on the thee dots menu and then click on ‘About’ section. Here on the dialog box you can see the version number on it. Make sure if it is still showing version 1.22 and lower then you need to install the updated version since it will no longer be able to sync your files between Google Drive web and local storage.

If you want to update go to your Drive folder online and in the lower left corner click on Download for PC/Mac button. The search engine giant has announced to contact the domain administrators in coming days that are using older version of Google Drive to guide on the appropriate migration path.

Source: Google Apps Updates

Google ending support for old versions of Google Drive for PC and Mac