Facebook is testing a new feature to discover more groups

Facebook Group

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Facebook Groups is an important feature for the users to join in a conversation beyond their friend circle in the 1.6 billion member online community. According a report by Mashable the social networking giant is testing on a new feature called “Discover” within the Groups section to let users find groups relevant to them and join with other fellow members.

If you are looking some tips on various topics and get information from other Facebook members about your preferred destinations or dining out at new restaurant, Facebook Group have always been a reliable source of information.

As of today Facebook allows users join two types of groups – Private and Public. In Public Groups any Facebook members can join that group on the other hand to join a Private Group they need an invitation from the existing members of the group. In terms of users, Facebook is the second popular feature after News Feed and used by one billion people every month.

The new Discover feature will offer 25 different categories from parenting to sports, food to networking, animals & pets to hobby & leisure and others. This year Facebook had added some cool features like reaction button on the post, Live Video streaming for all, Group Calling feature in Messenger. With the new feature you’ll no longer need to search for groups in your search bar rather you can browse your favourite group category wise in a new tab.

Source: Mashable

Featured Image: Pixabay

Facebook is testing a new feature to discover more groups