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Google Calendar introduces Gentle notifications tab in browsers

May 11, 2016, 12:23 pm

Now get your event notifications while you are sending an email to your client without interrupting your current work. Google has announced Gentle Notifications feature that lets you get reminders while working in other tabs uninterrupted at the same time without losing track of your next meeting.

The new feature will be available in browsers like Google Chrome that support Web Notifications. The feature works seamlessly in all Google platforms and will allow you to use native browser notifications instead of interruptive alerts.

This new feature is opt-in and automatically activated for existing lab users. In order to opt-in, simply enable browser notifications from the Settings menu in Google Calendar.

The Gentle Notifications feature in Google Calendar has already rolled out for the worldwide users and you can see the changes in the coming three days. If you’ve not enabled opt-in feature here is your complete guide to activate in your Google Calendar.

Step 1

Simply go to the settings menu on the top right-hand corner in your Google Calendar and enable browser notifications.

Google Calendar

Step 2

On the Calendar tab, you have an option to select the time to get a notification via email or notification. Just click on the “Edit Notifications” to choose your preference and you can select the time you want to receive notifications before an event.

Google Calendar1

Step 3

If you like to get multiple notifications, no worries, you have an option for that – just click on the “Add a Notification” and choose how you’d like to receive notifications – via an email or through pop-ups and tap on the Save button.

Google Calendar2

Now sit back, Google Calendar will remind you before the event via an email and pop-up notification on your browser.

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