Google’s new update in calendar lets you to see event locations

May 13, 2016, 4:43 am

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Google Calendar is getting a new feature – now you can see event locations in the day and week views along with your event date and time. Earlier this week Google has added Gentle Notifications to the event while you work on the other tab un-interrupting your current work and this is the second update Google has made in Calendar this week.

Google Calendar is an easy platform to keep all your events on track and get reminder before the events though pop-up notifications or emails. Earlier, it was two-step process – in order see the event location you need to navigate event details in a specific date. Now, when there is much space in your calendar your event location will appear on the calendar.

“Instead of needing to navigate to an event’s details in order see the event location, the event location will now appear on your calendar, when there is enough space available.”

The new feature has been rolled for the worldwide users and you can see the changes in coming days.

Featured Image: Google Apps Update

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