Google is accepting suggestions to name Android N this year

May 20, 2016, 5:11 am

Chaitali T.

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Google always names its newest version of Android on dessert, in alphabetical order this year they’re doing something a bit different. The next-generation Android N mobile software needs a name, and Google wants you to help.

Since Google is moving pretty quickly with this latest version of Android we can assume that they might bring the new version on board sooner. Earlier we reported that Google is planning to get name suggestions from general public and during Google I/O conference the company asked user to involve Android users to name its up-coning new OS. We’ve found some names are revolving on the web like, Nectarines, Nuts, Nachos, Nutella, Nougat or ‘Namey McNameface’, Navy bean, Nutmeg, Neyyapam, and even “Narshmallow”.

If you have a better name in your mind or like your favourite dessert to be named after next Android version then here is your chance – join in the #NameAndroidN competition on official Android website here. You can submit whatever you want, and hopefully Google will choose your idea.

Google wants you to hop on the website and give them your best dessert suggestion starting with N. Some of the favorites right now are Neapolitan, Nougat, Nerds and Nutmeg on the other hand Indian Android fans are excited with a dessert name starting with “N” i.e. “Nankhatai.”

Till date Google owned Android has named their versions with a name and normally each one follows alphabetical order just like M was Marshmallow, L was Lollipop, K was KitKat and so on… This time the search engine major has tweaked for naming Android N this time which will be released later this year and you can give your suggestions until June 8.

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