Google introduces new Allo app for smart messaging

Google Allo

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Google announced a new smarter messaging app which is more productive and expressive and especially doesn’t require any sign-ups and is based entirely on your phone number. Also, it connects to your Google account for all app stuff.

During Google I/O developer conference the tech major announced the new app will be available by the end of this summer. Since Google has failed to capture the mobile messaging market with Hangouts it has come up with Allo which is pronounced like Aloe that might give a tough fight to Messenger by Facebook. It will be available for free for Android and iOS users.

Google Allo

Allo features new built-in Google assistant that will make your chatting with friends more funnier and easier. It has a conversational interface for getting info from Google’s @Google conversation which contains info of all your conversation. Interestingly, it suggests replies at the bottom of the screen when you chat to which Google calls as “suggestion chips” powered by machine learning engine. It also “learns over time” to provide smart replies means it anticipates what user wants to say next. This smart reply feature uses another image recognition engine and contains various attractive stickers and Emojis.

Google Allo

You can even reserve your restaurants booking; check sports scores similar to Google search without tapping into another app. The smart reply uses pictures to communicate with your friends when you send a photograph you can doodle on it. Google chat bots acts as personal assistants which provides the facility of smart messaging using Google’s knowledge graph which searches from GIFs and understands many entities.

Another feature which changes the way in which text messaging is handled in order to better convey the message is “Whisper Shout”. With this before you send a message you are allowed to shrink or emkbiggen the text which is most exciting feature & hasn’t seen in another text messaging apps.

You need not to think about privacy as Allo uses end to end encryption incognito mode which works similar to chrome to provide high level of privacy which means deleting the conversations gone forever.

Source: Google Blog

Image Credit: Google Blog

Google introduces new Allo app for smart messaging