7 Apps Not Worth Use on Your Ipad and Should Immediately Get Rid of

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Margaux Diaz
Margaux Diaz
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An iPad is one of the coolest gadgets in the world. It has a powerful processor and a sizeable screen. At times, you may have installed some apps that you think are necessary for the iPad device. However, most of them are unnecessary and not worth the effort. Here are the seven apps you should immediately get rid of.

1. Taxi Hold Em

If you were already having a hard time getting a taxi, this app just makes it harder. It is supposed to help you get a taxi by producing a whistling sound. It also displays the word taxi in all caps on your iPad Air 2 screen. It is unlikely that any taxi driver will ever see the text. Besides, it is ridiculous to imagine he or she would ever hear the noise from the iPad speaker.

2. Fake An Excuse

If you have always wondered how you could skip an important event, this app promises to help you do it. However, this is highly unlikely. This app could even end up getting you fired. It promises to make you get out of uncomfortable phone calls. However, it produces the actual voice for the excuse. This could land you in a lot of trouble.

3. Abacus

The app is just an ancient device for adding and subtracting that was invented in China thousands of years ago. Unless you want to waste your time, this device is not worth it. For one, using an abacus will not be of any benefit to you. It may seem cool if it was free and you were taking a history class. However, the fact that you have to pay some money makes it worthless.

4. Groupon

This app uses the internet to link up with other people. This means that you may spend hours scouring the app, which translates into many used up bundles if you are on mobile data. Apple Gadget news indicates that most of the deals are quite tiny.

Besides that, most of the deals that you get through this app are quite tiny. If you own an iPad, there is a chance you are worth a lot of money. That means you hardly get any benefits at all. For instance, the most likely group coupon you will get is for a cup of coffee. Is it necessary to go to town for that one cup of coffee? The worst part of it is that you have to sacrifice your privacy for just a few cents in savings.

5. Heat Sense

If you own an iPad, you do not need to waste your time with this app. IT will be a waste of your time. The app is used to detect heat that is produced by your fingers. As a result, when you drag your fingers across the screen, different patterns appear on this screen.

These patterns are apparently how heat is decimated on the screen. For one, there is almost no entertainment value in using this app. Besides that, this app makes money off you through advertisements. In short, the app has little benefits being on your iPad.

6. Coke Drink

Coca Cola makes this app. It lets you add ice to your drink, pop the cap off the bottle and pour it for yourself. In reality, you are only extending your thirst. If you were feeling thirsty, this app would not do any good to you.

It can be quite irritating, especially if someone decides to use it to give you a virtual soda. You do not need or want this app anywhere on your iPad. It takes up unnecessary space without being of value to your life.

7. EnigmaClock

Clocks are designed to show us the time. As a result, we can plan our day and arrive for appointments on time. However, this app takes it to the next level.

Instead of being content with only displaying time, it presents it as some complex riddle that you have to solve. It will then assist you in knowing what time it is. It is a useless and irritating way of telling time. If you ever showed this to your friends when asked for the time, they would not be impressed. This app holds no value whatsoever other than being a bad joke.

The app is meant to make life easy and exciting. However, these apps, they are a waste of time. If you have any of them installed. Consider deleting at this instance.

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