Europe’s largest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge signage unveiled in Russia

May 23, 2016, 5:28 pm

Sneha K.

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Samsung’s eye-catching approach to increase sales of its Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone is a unique and impressive way of advertising. Samsung has turned the entire billboard at Sokol district in Moscow – the mega-sized Galaxy S7 edge signage is the largest in Europe. The massive LED signage is as tall as 80 meters high and 40 meters in width that can be spotted from Moscow’s Gidroproekt building which is located at about 2.2 kilometers away from the site.

The LED signage has covered the giant video billboard to play some video clips or still images on the phone’s screen for displaying the various looks and features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge that not only attracts people to see this office building at morning but also at night as it shines bright. The top and bottom portions of the signage are not illuminated using LED’s.

Samsung has chosen a very impressive marketing tactic that might surely help increase the sales of the device.

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