Application development is quite a hard and long process, especially for the companies not dealing with software development and techy stuff. What is more, it is quite an expensive one.

First of all, a company has to decide how to create an app: in a native or hybrid way. The former will provide them with a native high-quality app with great performance and full access to the APIs. It is expensive and long, though. Since you need three different developers to create a different code for Android, iOS and Windows the later will be faster in implementation, its quality, however, leaves much to be desired. You will be deprived of the full access to the app features, as well as your client, of the native UI and UX.

So, where is a way out, you’ll ask me. Let me introduce you to Xamarin. It allows developers to write in one language, C#, for all the platforms. They can share up to 90% of the non-interface code in this way. So, you get a native app for all iOS, Android, and Windows, hiring only one developer. In such a way, expenses get lower. Time-to-market of an app gets substantially reduced, as well, as less code means less time required for its creation.

It’s been reported that Xamarin customer-enterprises release apps at least once per month. In other words, the update process is quick. Not only you get a native-to-plenty-platforms app, but also you get full access to it APIs and features. Plus, Xamarin updates really fast after other platforms updates. That is, for instance, Apple launches its iOS update, and in a few hours, you have the same features on Xamarin.

Moreover, Xamarin provides developers with another great service, Test Cloud. It behaves the same way your users do. It scrolls, swipes, and much more. Not enough? It supports testing on up to 3000 devices, so you can be 100% of outstanding user experience.

Xamarin Insights is another useful feature. It provides all the statistics gathered from an app. How your users interact, which crashes influence, other users. In such a way, you get an opportunity to constantly improve application and provide the best quality.

More than 15,000 companies preferred Xamarin, Slack, and Github among them. More than 1 million developers use Xamarin in about 120 countries. Impressive, isn’t it? And what about 375,000 developers from more than 500 100-Fortune companies? The community is going to become even bigger due to the Xamarin becoming open source.

In 2014, Xamarin developer community has grown by 98% and sales more than doubled. I think that these are strong arguments. Moreover, you should hurry up, as Xamarin is the 4th most popular skill set with the employers. Xamarin possesses offices in 4 countries and takes the fifth position in Top Startups.

To sum up, Xamarin is a great option for those who are seeking to create a high-quality and native-to-many-platforms app with less time and money expenses. Here is the infographic gives you the business benefit of Xamarin.

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