Amazon launches to test Alexa Echo in your browser

May 30, 2016, 12:14 pm

Pranjali D.

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If you ever wondered of having your own digital assistant to help you out in your daily activities Amazon Alexa Echo is there for you. The company have launched a dedicated website for the users to test Echo simulation right on your browser – before you buy one.

“ lives in your browser, so anyone; anywhere can access it and test their Alexa skills. You no longer need an Alexa-enabled device to test your skills. Developers worldwide can use to experience Alexa.”

As you need Alexa Echo to get assistance, Amazon has launched from an idea generated last year during hackathon to give glimpse to their users how it works. You can test Alexa’s Skill Testing Tool by simply going to website and you can access the webpage you have to login with your Amazon account. From there you simply click and hold the on-screen button and speak your command, Alexa will do the rest.

Amazon Echo

Digital assistant industry has become more competitive since Google has launched Google Home at I/O conference this year and Apple’s rumored upcoming Siri-powered device.

The voice and response times are identical to what you had experience using the Amazon Alexa Echo. Once you remember Amazon Echo you do not need to stay near your computer and no need to press a button. Simply call out the requests across the room to the device.



Image Credit: & Amazon

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