Google Maps business data now feeds in your Google Contacts

Google Contacts

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Google regularly adds new features to its apps and keeps them updated. Aiming for people to be more connected the company launched new updates – now you can add Google Maps business information into your Google contacts info to enhance your contact lists.

Google Contacts is a well versed feature from Google that let users to store their contact information at single place including their email, business name, address, phone number, website, and photo. Earlier in March this year the tech major has enabled Google Contacts preview for their users from the Admin console.

Now when you are putting contact details of official business entity in your Google Contacts that matches with Google Map information will automatically show in your contacts fields. You just have to type in the business verified number and the feature will show the info you’ve saved supplemented with business information directly from the listing.

You need to worry about the details you’ve already added manually. The additional information will be added without overriding the actual data.


Source: Google Apps Updates

Image Credit: Google Apps Updates

Google Maps business data now feeds in your Google Contacts