LG launches a dedicated mobile security website for its consumers

Jun 20, 2016, 2:39 pm

Pranjali D.

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Good news for the LG mobile phone users – the company has launched a new dedicated website for its users to provide mobile security solution online. The site https://lgsecurity.lge.com which is already live is managed by the LG’s expert Product Security Response Team (PSRT) and will be a singular platform for the LG products. The portal aims to help users get information on Security News, Response Process, Security Updates and will let users report an issue through the portal.

Mobile security issues in the smartphone has become a major concern for the consumers and they struggle getting actual information related to their device. This is a good sign for the company providing its users a one-stop location for reporting security issues and encouraging users to stay up-to-date with the latest updated related to security.

Aspired to provide better service to its consumers the LG Product Security website will publish bulletins and updates related to LG products on regular basis. The portal will also cover regards to Android issued by Google and filter those vulnerabilities in deemed high, moderate and low threats to keep its users one-step ahead of the probable security threats.

The company also encouraging its users to lodge mobile security flaw via email. They just need to write up to LG’s Product Security Response Team at product.security@lge.com.

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