Google introduces new settings for 2-Step Verification

Jun 21, 2016, 6:43 am

Pranjali D.

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Two-Step Verification in Google App is a great feature for users to keep their account secure from un-authorized use. The technology company has enabled another way to secure your account even better- now you can unlock your account by tapping a Security Key.

Currently, Google allows users to enable 2-step verification process though their mobile – a six digit code sent to their phone to login into the account. Along side of this feature, now you can simply verify log-in attempts by unlocking a registered phone via security keys. Starting from today you’ll see Google prompt will pop up on your phone. If you select “yes” on your phone the log-in will be completed on the computer you tried to log in.

The new verification feature is a part of Google’s providing another layer of security at the same time removing extra step. At this moment users won’t be able to have Security Keys and Google prompt enabled at the same time and data connection is required if you are using Google prompt.

If you are using Android you need updated Google Play Services to use Google prompt.  iOS users will need the Google Search app installed on your phone to use Google prompt.

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