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How to boost your ppc click-through rate up to 70%

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Your PPC click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most critical measurements to consider when determining the success (or lack thereof) of your paid search campaign. Far more important than basic impressions, your CTR proves that your website is generating clicks, which means that your content is genuinely reaching your target audience. After all, an impression without a click does nothing except boost your numbers.

Why Your Website’s CTR Matters

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Aside from the obvious clicks leading to sales, there are serious advantages to a high click-through rate. Before we discuss how you can boost your CTR, it’s important that you understand exactly why each and every click matters. Here’s a quick look at how boosting your CTR can save you money, improve your advertising campaign, and grow your audience.

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  • Your CTR affects your Google Quality Score. When search engines ‘see’ that you have a high CTR, your ads are going to gain a higher impression volume, which leads to better ad placements. If you want an ideal audience to see your ads, you must have a high CTR to prove legitimacy.
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, people who click on sponsored links tend to spend more than those who reach sites through traditional, organic links.
  • Your CTR affects the rate you pay for ads. Websites with a high CTR pay the minimum amount required for the desired spot, whereas a company with a low CTR will have to pay more for the same spot.

For most businesses advertising online, the success of your pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign is related to the size of your advertising budget.” Of course, most of today’s businesses don’t have limitless budgets, so strategic planning is vital in order to get the most out of your marketing budget. Here are five tips to help you boost your CTR so you can keep your bottom line down without sacrificing ROI. – Forbes

1. Change Your Keyword Strategy

Your approach to SEO directly affects your CTR. Using long-tail keywords with a higher chance of conversion is the key to gaining clicks from targeted viewers. For example, let’s say you want to optimize your ads for your cat grooming service in LA. Your initial thought may be to use keywords and phrases such as “cat grooming” and “grooming pets,” but those aren’t specific enough. People who search for those keywords may be looking for advice on grooming their cats at home.

Keyword Strategy

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A better option to boost your CTR would be to make your keywords more specific. For example, you could try keywords such as “Los Angeles cat groomer” or “cat grooming in Hollywood.” While the overall volume produced by these niche keywords will be lower, the chances of someone clicking or buying are much higher. As an added bonus, the bidding price for long-tail keywords is going to be much lower than broad, all-encompassing keywords and phrases.

2. Get Familiar with Multiple Advertising Platforms

While Google is the clear giant, not everyone uses the same search engine. Los Angeles based SEO company Coalition Technologies recommends utilizing Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter for the best results. Many SEO professionals argue about which option is better, but why not take advantage of all options available to your organization? Both offer unique features, and casting a large net is the best way to increase your catch.

3. Think about Advertising Times

High-volume keywords – though not always ideal or cheap – are often still an integral component in an effective PPC campaign. The problem is that many small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to bid on those premium keywords 24/7. Consider targeting high-volume keywords at times that are ideal for reaching your demographic. For example, the aforementioned LA cat grooming service may find that running ads from 5 pm until midnight on the West coast is adequate.

4. Entice Your Viewers

Today’s consumers know they have options. In order to compete with larger companies with more brand recognition than yours, you may need to throw in some bonuses for your potential customers. For example, free shipping on all size orders is a great way to turn an impression into a click. You could also offer discounts, contests, and coupons to increase the likelihood of impressions turning into sales. If you offer incentives, make sure they are clearly visible on your ad.

5. Quality Matters

There’s more to effective PPC advertising than choosing the right keywords and placement times. If you want people to click, you need to produce high-quality content that engages the viewer. If you’re not confident in your company’s ability to create compelling ads, seek out a reputable professional. All too often, companies miss the forest for the trees, concentrating so hard on a strategy that they forget to focus on the ad itself. Create content that people genuinely want to view, and the clicks will come naturally.

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Rohit Bhargava
Rohit Bhargava
Rohit Bhargava is a SEO specialist at Coalition Technologies and enjoys sharing his expertise with the marketing community through his writings. Rohit has over 5 years of experience in the SEO and online marketing field, and is passionate about taking an innovative approach to link building, social media, search engine optimization, and other aspects of online marketing. When he’s not writing or optimizing, Rohit enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family. Connect with Rohit on:

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