Samsung launches new Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition

Jul 18, 2016, 4:04 pm

Pranjali D.

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Brazil Rio Olympic fever have touched the shore of technology arena. To celebrate the largest sports event of the Globe Samsung has announced the launch of Galaxy s7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition. In a press announcement the South Korean tech giant sates that, exactly 2,016 devices each will be available in selected countries like Brazil, the US, China, Germany and Korea from today.

The 17-day long sports event will take place in Rio de Janeiro starting from August 5 next month. The latest edition smartphone comes with Olympic Games-themed design and custom made colorway pattern incorporated in blue, red, green, yellow and black – aligned with the theme color of Olympic Rings.

“There is a blue theme in the rear camera, sensors and flash, red in the power button, green in the volume button and yellow in the receiver and home key – while the device itself is a distinctive black.”

Keeping the popularity of the games the tech major has designed the user interface with the color of Olympic Rings. Users can experience the new level of design and interface in home and lock screen as well as in the dial pad, message, contact screens and notifications bar.


Users supporting their own country can customize the wallpapers with Olympic motifs and launch the 3D Flag app featuring their country. Samsung has always chosen a different marketing strategy be it capturing new market or launching new product. The company is the official Olympic partner and has long relation with the games since it first introduced Olympic Games device back in 1998.

GS7 Olympic Edition Box

The company has also announced to provide a total of 12,500 Galaxy S7 edge Olympic Games Limited Edition and Gear IconX devices for free to athletes competing at Rio 2016 through partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The smartphone is already up for sale at Best Buy priced at $849. So before it is late head up to the buyer website here.

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