Samsung rolls out Gear S2 Value Pack Update

Jul 18, 2016, 5:52 am

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Samsung has made a whole lot of improvements for the Gear S2 smart watch users.  The company started rolling out its third update started from July 15 to give users an improved user interface, ease of use and speed of access.

gear-s2-ppdate-main-1The South Korean company reportedly working on a major update in Gear S2 platform for more feature enhancements and better user experience. The update comes with the download option – users can now download watch faces and recommended apps directly from Gear S2.

gear-s2-ppdate-main-2Now you no longer have set system images as your default watch faces. From now you can set your own photos as the watchface in Gear S2. In addition, you can choose a default watchface from one of several colorful rings, for a simple but eye-catching set of new looks.

gear-s2-ppdate-main-3We are not sure if Samsung is planning to bring successor of the Gear S2, so this may be probable reason the tech giant is upgrading its capabilities. One of the most notable features comes with the update is the voice recognition software, S Voice. This new feature lets users to start, pause, resume and stop the timer integrated in the app. Not only that, you can check messages even if you are not in the message threads all just using S Voice.

gear-s2-ppdate-main-4For the users who track their health condition will get benefited from S Health. They can check their sleep data and share their exercise results to Facebook right from the Gear S2. In addition, the update comes with a whole range of improvements in the existing apps.

Support is a major concern for the users using any device. Now you can directly contact Samsung customer via  Contact Us function in ‘Samsung Gear’ App.

The latest update is already available and you can download through the Samsung Gear app when your smartphone is synced with the Gear S2.

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