Polymail introduces iOS app, comes with some outstanding features

Polymail iOS App

Another email client just entered into iOS space. Popular desktop email client Polymail has introduced iOS app with some outstanding features to organize your emails easily. While you are busy and unable to check your inbox Polymail is there to help you out by automatically handling your mails.

polymail ios app

It has launched a new version which makes it stand out of crowd the “Contact Profiles” and gives you all details of their employers, location and short customizable bio sector. The latest app provides Email Read Receipts, Send Later, Read Later, Follow-up Reminders, un-sending emails within a time span to correct the grammars or spellings which is recognized in the time window. User will also get an option of unsubscription with the most useful feature of email tracking system. Now you can track whether your recipients have read your mails or not.

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polymail ios app iphone

It has borrowed some of Polymail desktop feature like Reminders and Snoozers into the iOS app. Also for those handy with mobile can choose the option of sending emails at a later date. It is popular with the crowded spaces which deal with CloudMagic and Airmac available on both desktop and mobile. The simplicity in managing the popular Gmail, Cloud, Outlook, inbox and the Apple’s own mail through this iOS app is the remarking thing.

The company has given the super slick and redesigned the mailing system by small set of swipes. Polymail has announced that it will soon launch the higher-tier “Polymail Pro” model.

Want to give a try how this works in your Mac or iOS device? Just head on to the Polymail website.


Polymail introduces iOS app, comes with some outstanding features