5 Foolproof Ranking Tools with Right Implementation Techniques

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Ankit Roy
Ankit Roy
Ankit Roy has been a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger and editor. He specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. Find Ankit on:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on which the whole online marketing is based is an ever-changing process. The marketers need to stay updated with the latest tools, technologies, and the best practices to ensure top rankings in search engines.

Though there are regular changes in the algorithms and SEO practices, some of the search engine optimization techniques are evergreen. These are the foolproof techniques for success that companies offering SEO services in India. The only change in these is the implementation as per the changes in algorithms and other factors.

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I have seen many online marketers complaining about the low ranking even after using all the strategies. Actually, they are half-educated. They know about the strategies and factors that ensure high rankings but are unaware of their right implementation. Sometimes even the ‘so-called’ experienced digital marketing agencies also fail to understand these secrets. This blog is dedicated to that particular group.

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1. Keyword-rich URLs

Do you remember seeing any URL with numbers and strange words? How many times do you click on them? So when you don’t like it yourself, why put your customers in the same hell. Make your URL short and user-friendly by replacing the irritating numbers with the product name or the thing you offer on that particular page. It will not just help you hold customers but will also help you impress Google.

2. Keywords in the Title Tag

I know it’s not a whole new thing I am telling you. In short, just include the product or service name in the title tag and increase your chances of getting better ranks for that particular keyword.

3. Keywords in ALT Text for Images

How many times you save an image from Google and see the name ‘image1.jpg’? There are many websites, which forget to name the images as per the products or the services on the page. It does not just confuse the readers, but also the search engine.

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Google is not smart enough to understand the image viability for a particular product or service. It just reads the name and ranks it accordingly. So next time if you want your keyword to get ranked properly and in the right category, use the right keywords in the Alt Text and name your image accordingly. Every SEO expert offering professional services in India follows this strategy.


Some say it is good for ranking while others just call it a waste of money and efforts with least impact on the rankings. I would say, use it if you can; and especially if you have an ecommerce website. The word ‘secure’ can make a lot of difference in buying decision on a site where customers have to provide confidential information.

So, if you own an ecommerce website, there is no harm in putting some extra efforts to win the trust of your valued customers. Every professional digital marketing agency suggests its clients get an HTTPS URL for better rankings and security.

5. Quality Outbound Links

This is one of the riskiest practices with Google’s announcement of penalties for low-quality outbound links. This doesn’t mean you should stop providing outbound links. Just be extra cautious with a selection of the website. Lay emphasis on their suitability, ranking, and quality to impress Google and get higher rankings with high-quality outbound links.

Search engine optimization is all about making Google happy with your best practices and strong strategies. Hire a professional, experienced and dedicated digital marketing agency like YNG Media to ensure your success with improved rankings and more business. It is better to look for a digital marketing company that offers both traditional and local SEO services in Delhi. The benefit of hiring such a company is that you don’t end up putting all the efforts in traditional SEO while completely ignoring the local online marketing.

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