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Microsoft drops Xbox One price, now comes at $250

Jul 26, 2016, 9:41 am

Microsoft announced the dwindling in Xbox One price for the third time, users can access Xbox 360 successor just for $250. On its first launch, Xbox One was priced at $499 having 500GB drive and a Kinect Sensor, in November 2013. In 2014, there was a dramatic drop in console price so price decreased to $399. Furthermore, it has gone from $299 to $279 and now just in $250 exactly half of its first launch.

This price-cut is the step of being foresight for the launching of Xbox One S (Slim), going to be launched on August 2.

Xbox One S is more advantageous over current model in terms of size, power supply and mechanism. The upcoming model to be is 40 percent smaller than current one and can play 4K resolution media. Moreover, the slimmer version will have built in power supply, which can overcome the inconvenience of dealing with the external power supply.

The price cut will make Microsoft more competitive in the market since Sony, being the first company to integrate VR in its Playstation.

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