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Google has taken the use of 3D imagery a step further. On Wednesday this week, the search engine major launched an app taking the kids as the center point of this innovation. This latest app by Google named Verne: The Himalayas is designed to help the children to explore the world using maps and 3D imagery.

Verne The Himalayas App

This application is taking advantage of previous innovation, the Google Map’s 3D imagery of the Himalayas and with a more interesting feature. It is combined with a bit of gameplay to make the idea of zooming the 3D scenes.

Furthermore, a discarnate voice provided the information that this app also lets users discover some educational information too.

For making it more funnier Google added a character into it, named as Verne, 500-foot yeti for moving around the map scenes. Verne can do things like climb up to the top of Mr. Everest, Skating on icy lakes, ride a jetpack, play Himalayan instruments, etc.

While Google was previously also provided 3D imagery in Google Maps and Google Earth but the idea behind this concept is for making map search more delightful.

According to the app’s website, Googlers tested this application on their own children and used Google Map’s 3D imagery along with the Unity Game Engine.

Right now, the company described it as an experiment but it could be easily turned into something that’s more likely an interactive kids version of Google Earth.

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