New Chrome for Android update loads faster videos, consumes less battery

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Now videos on Chrome for Android loads faster and play more smoothly, while also draining less battery. This is due to the latest update of Chrome to version 52. The fine-tuning of Chrome will impact a lot of users who frequently use the Chrome browser on Android.

The latest version of Chrome for Android aims to address the matter by improving not only playback speed but also power efficiency to ensure users get a better experience. This means you will see smoother playback and faster load times. Videos will now start playing sooner, instead of pausing briefly before loading and your battery will last longer.

Chrome also lets users view videos with Data Saver mode enabled, tough videos will be compressed. Google points out that these change will be most evident in short videos that marks the majority of videos online.

The search giant also highlights that more than a billion hours of web videos are played each week through Google Chrome. The majority of videos are played on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook or other web destinations, are usually pretty resource intensive.

Google hopefully soon bring similar improvements to its desktop version of Chrome as well, especially since Opera and Microsoft Edge have been claiming superior battery optimizations compared to Chrome.

The update is currently rolling out now and should be available in Canada soon.

Source: Chrome Blog

New Chrome for Android update loads faster videos, consumes less battery