Adding new hashtags on Instagram just get way easier. Typing multiple hashtags in your photos is very frustrating and time consuming. A newly launched app Magnify for Instagram can give you relive – which is very handful and makes life easier with the suggested hashtags.

There are already 20 built-in categories in the app like travel, fashion, food, selfie, cats, architecture and more. Moreover, you can add your own category filled with up to 30 tags per category.

If we talk about the user interface, then it must get appreciate for simple app design. Not only hashtags suggestion but you will also get some additional features like scheduling or re-sharing posts too.

Here is how it works:

To post a photo on Instagram turn on the Accessibility Service using Magnify for Instagram the app. Suppose you want to add magnify_travel as one of the hashtags to your photos the app will automatically add 30 travel-related hashtags instantly.

Magnify for Instagram comes in two different versions the Free and Pro for android devices. The Pro version will cost you $4.49 and that can be accessed through an in-app purchase.

Want to give a try? Go to Google Play Store for download.