Cortana reminders under evaluation for Xbox One

Cortana Reminders

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Software giant Microsoft is planning to add Cortana reminders in Xbox One. Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant by Microsoft supported in Windows 10 as well as so some Windows devices and Xbox. Many people not have idea that Cortana also provides the facility of setting reminders.

If you are using Cortana on Windows 10 PCs or phones you can set a reminder using natural language. Simply by saying “Hey Cortana, remind me to call Zach at 5 PM,” Cortana will log the information in her notebook, and then give you an alert on your PC or your phone based on the trigger conditions you set. You can specify conditions based on location, time, and even when someone calls you.

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Xbox one doesn’t support reminder facility of Cortana until now.  But it going to set the change very soon. Zach Johnson who leads Cortana’s development on Xbox One, noted that reminders are on the backlog for the console version, and work has begun to bring them across.

As Mr. Zach said there is no fix date of its release but right now the most exciting news is that Cortana in Xbox One could finally reach in parallelism with whole Windows family.

Company being very much confident, promising that Cortana will have tremendous potential on Xbox One, when get combined with the universal windows platform.

Users will also be able to call an Uber cab directly using Cortana. It could also tie into home automation services like powering bulbs, Insteon etc. This is adding more smartness to this extremely talented artificial intelligence.


Source: Zach Johnson

Via: Windows central

Cortana reminders under evaluation for Xbox One