Instagram using Facebook data to filter new Stories feed

Instagram Stories Feed

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Instagram has moved one-step further with its escalated rivalry with Snapchat. The company using data from parent company Facebook in its algorithm to decide the order of Stories feed appearing a top of the app.

Since millions of photos are posted on the platform everyday and it becomes challenging to sort just few posts on the top Stories feed. Instagram users might be seeking for new updates which the company last month switched to its reverse-chronological timeline into an algorithm that sorts the posts.

Snapchat is also using the reverse chronological order timeline but Instagram is using Facebook’s data to slight change in the stories for new features. This stories will now appear in timeline by referencing whose content engaged within the platform.

The popular photo sharing app is currently showing five stories initially. Instagram feels keeping you from seeing really engaging stories those are published more recently.

The inclusion of Facebook data will lead to featuring the stories which users would like to see and interested in seeking.

Instagram using Facebook data to filter new Stories feed