Logitech to simplify smart home control by new Pop Home Switch

Pop Home Switch

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Logitech this time offering something very different from usual, its new device called Pop Home Switch. Pop is a broad button sizing as big as your palm, which get connected to a hub that get directly connected to an outlet via a Bluetooth. The hub supports whole host of top smart home gadgets like, Phillips hue lights, LIFX connected bulbs, Lutron smart drapes and the like.

There are three different triggers for the Pop –  a single press, double press, and long press that can each be programmed using the Pop app, each performs different action. That means you can command a pop to turn your Phillips lights on or off, can activate or deactivate just a single room or if you want then you can also set it as dim. If you want to use it more efficiently then you have to add more pops into the existing hub, the starting pack comes with two hubs.

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Every time if you want smart home control, you have to add more and more apps into your collection. And hence Logitech’s moto is to overcome that scenario with their new Pop Home Switch.

Director of Senior Home Control at Logitech, Mr. Neil Raggio, pointed out in an interview that, “A phone is actually very personal to you, if your friends come over, or you have got a babysitter, the aspect of control that you’ve got set up on your phone, you can’t just give that person, since you’re not going to handover your phone. So that’s not the case with Pop of course.”

Pop Home Switch comes in different colors to help people keep track of which one controls which actions. Raggio said, “You still want to be simple, you still want to be capable, and so we landed on three gestures, as something from a mental model that would be easy enough that a user would know those gestures.”

The Logitech Pop starter pack comes with the base station and two Pop home switches for $99.99, while extra home switches will run you $39.99 a piece. The company says the device will begin shipping out in a few weeks, and will be available for purchase from retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.

Via: TechCrunch

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Logitech to simplify smart home control by new Pop Home Switch