Microsoft’s Golden Key has been leaked and it shows why government should stop asking for Backdoors.

Backdoors in software are built for detecting the criminals by listening into the conversation. As we should sometimes also lock this Backdoors for security using some keys.

But this time the Golden Key of Microsoft has been leaked, and this news was revealed by the Security researchers MY123 and Slipstream before Couple of days. It says that Microsoft has accidently leaked Security keys that allows Windows based computers, phones, tablets to be unlocked and loaded with other operating systems, as well as malicious software like rootkits. And now it’s impossible for company to render the leaked keys useless.

This Security key is now publically available and can be misused for their needs.

That’s the reason why the Government and the law enforcement agencies should stop asking the tech companies to build Backdoors into their products and softwares.

Some previous cases still ne the new like the Sun Bernardino shooter’s iPhone which the FBI wanted to unlock. The Government should now stop for such Backdoors into the software from misuse.